run woman run

September 25 & 26

Director: Zoe Hopkins
Released: 2022
Genre: Drama, Comedy

Language: English
Country: Canada
Distributor: Level Film
Run Time: 100 minutes

Run Woman Run is a magical anti-rom com about Beck, a bereaved single mom who has lost her passion for life and for her Mohawk language after the death of her mom. Now Beck lives for donuts in her bathrobe where she even drives to the mailbox. Beck’s lifestyle lands her in the hospital where she wakes from a diabetic coma to see she has conjured the ghost of a legendary Six Nations marathon runner. Instead of rallying to take charge of her life, Beck runs away from her problems, alienating her family. Alone and bereft, Beck has to win them back. She finally listens to her ghostly coach who goads her, makes fun of her, and ultimately inspires her to become a runner herself. Beck learns to run, but most importantly she learns to be grateful for her life. She honours the earth and her family with every run, leading her back to her calling: to learn her language.

WINNER: Audience Choice Award, imagineNATIVE Film Festival


Article in “Sarnia This Week” by Carl Hnatyshyn

Award-winning Indigenous dramedy will launch cineSarnia season