About Us

About Us

Who are we?

cinéSARNIA is a not-for-profit charitable volunteer group dedicated to bringing quality Canadian and international films to the city of Sarnia.  The organization operates in conjunction with the “Film Circuit, part of the Toronto International Film Festival Group.  The “Film Circuit, which is based in Toronto, is in partnership with distributors to assemble a list of films twice a year from which the associated groups select their programmes. Currently, it consists of approximately 100 communities across Canada, of which 45 are in Ontario.

What do we do?

cinéSARNIA usually screens 11 films each year of different genres and nationalities during the regular season, running from September to April.  Special presentations are held from time to time to engage members of the community.  The membership has risen steadily since its inception in 1995, with a current total of over 600.

We welcome new members.  Anyone wishing to subscribe to the current season may do so by going to the Passes link on the menu and choosing the type of pass you wish.  You can pay for your pass now by credit card and don’t have to mail in a paper form, like before.

Our Community Involvement

As a not-for-profit organization:

  • cinéSARNIA also donates $1500 for the annual Celebration of Youth (COY) Scholarship operated through the YMCA.
  • When finances permit, cinéSARNIA donates varying amounts to local charitable organizations operating in the Lambton County community.
  • cinéSARNIA regularly donates complimentary seasonal tickets to local charitable organizations to assist in their fund raising events.

Happy Viewers

Why Choose Us

Can’t wait to get back to enjoying the films selected by the Cinesarnia group!

Have always enjoyed the variety of films that are offered. That said, It used to be a night out also! That is different from watching at home!

Thanks for all you do to bring great cinema to Sarnia!