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cinéSARNIA’s film season is comprised of 11 films over 8 months:

    • 5 films in the FALL with the first film scheduled at the end of September
    • 6 films in the WINTER with the final film scheduled at the beginning of April
    • All 11 films have TWO screenings at the Sarnia Public Library:
      • Sunday Matinee @2:00 pm AND
      • on the following Monday Evening at 7:30 pm

Film lovers can see the films by either buying online through the cinéSARNIA website:

    • an Individual Ticket for a specific film  OR
    • a Multi-Film Pass

When purchasing a Multi-Film Pass, you must decide if you want to see all of the films at the Sunday Matinee screenings OR at the Monday Evening screenings. Passholders are to attend the screening time they chose for each of their films, e.g. Monday Evening passholders CANNOT show up for the Sunday Matinee instead.

Types of Passes:

    • FULL SEASON – Sunday Matinee (11 films) @ $99
    • FULL SEASON – Monday Evening (11 films ) @ $99
    • FALL ONLY – Sunday Matinee (5 films) @ $55
    • FALL ONLY – Monday Evening (5 films) @ $55
    • WINTER ONLY – Sunday Matinee (6 films) @ $66
    • WINTER ONLY – Monday Evening (6 films) @ $66

When passes go on sale in the summer, we will post the screening dates of the 11 films and usually the titles of the first 5 films of the Fall season.  As the committee visits film festivals throughout the Fall, the remaining films will get booked and posted on the website.

To purchase a pass, go to the “Passes” tab (on the menu bar).

To purchase individual tickets, go to the “Tickets” tab (on the menu bar).

Click on the “FAQs” tab (on the menu bar) for more details/information on:

    • How to order a pass on the website?
    • How to access my pass?
    • How to get a digital pass on your mobile device?
    • Is my seat guaranteed if I have a pass?
    • AND MORE!

We have a new website


Please note that we have made many changes to our website which I hope you will appreciate.  Plus we have moved our film pass and tickets online using a film services company called “Eventive”.  You can now pay using your credit card.

If you notice any issues in your experience, please email us at